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Monday, October 22, 2012 12:00 AM

Annual Marquez conference brings together DP alumni, current staff

The 27th edition of the DPAA’s Stephen A. Marquez Journalism Conference brought together alumni from four decades on a late-September Sunday afternoon to educate and inspire the next generation of DP journalists.

More than 100 students engaged with alumni on a variety of traditional topics, ranging from reporting and editing to design and photography. This year’s conference also looked to the ever-changing future of media, focusing on the latest platforms for sharing journalism and engaging readers. A standing-room-only crowd gathered for the keynote session entitled "The News 2012: the tools and technology of journalism today."

Wednesday, September 05, 2012 12:00 AM

Passings: Gaeton Fonzi '57

Gaeton Fonzi '57 passed away on Thursday, Aug. 30, at his home in Satellite Beach, Fla. at the age of 76.

Fonzi, who served as the DP's Editorial Director in 1957, was an investigative reporter for Philadelphia Magazine from 1959 to 1972. He was also well known for publishing his own conspiracy theory of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy in his 1993 book The Last Investigation.

"He was relentless," D. Herbert Lipson, chairman of Metrocorp, owner of Philadelphia and Boston Magazines, told The Philadelphia Inquirer.

Fonzi is survived by his wife Marie, who is also a Penn alum. In addition to his wife, Fonzi is survived by sons Guy and Christopher; daughters Irene Fonzi and Maria Fonzi-Gonzales; eight grandchildren; and two great-grandchildren.

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Wednesday, September 05, 2012 12:00 AM

Getelman named a tech rising star

Dan Getelman '12 has been named one of the rising technology stars in New York under the age of 25 by BusinessInsider.com

Getelman, along with his co-founders Joseph Cohen and Jim Grandpre, were recognized for their start-up, Lore, which is a web-based social education tool. The company was founded in 2011 when the three founders were at Penn. They raised $1 million and left school to work on their business, then called Coursekit.

Since then, the company has re-branded and raised another $5 million from several prominent investors. Lore is now available on more than 600 campuses.

Getelman, who is Lore's CTO, served as an Associate Photo Editor and Lead Online Developer in his time at the DP. 

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Wednesday, August 15, 2012 12:00 AM

New printer for the DP

After nine-and-a-half years of being printed by The Philadelphia Inquirer and Daily News, the DP is being printed at a new printing facility this fall.

The DP's Board of Directors made the decision this summer to award the paper's printing business to Delaware Printing Company in Dover, DE. The decision, notes DP General Manager Eric Jacobs, was largely financially motivated, with some improvement on the print quality as well.

"As alumni who have been following our reports on the DP's financial difficulties over the past several years are already aware, we continue to face an acute need to reduce our costs wherever possible without decimating the fabric of the DP operation," Jacobs said. "Delaware Printing offered us an opportunity to slice more than $30,000 per year from our operating costs, and that proved too enticing an offer to pass up."

Jacobs said that the added distance between the PD and the Dover printing plant -- a 90-minute drive -- initially seemed too great to be feasible. But through several months of discussions, it became apparent that with only a small shift in the DP's internal deadline, the printer could fit in the print job and continue to get the paper to campus by 6 a.m. The DP editors now need to complete their pages by 1:30 a.m., a half hour earlier than the previous 2 a.m. press deadline.

The new printer uses a slightly thicker weight of newsprint, and a different method of screening photos, which results in a product DP staff members are finding to be an upgrade in quality. The only physical difference in the paper is that it is now one inch shorter, with an image area of 20" tall after more than four decades at 21" tall. "The DP, along with all newspapers, have gotten narrower over the past decade," Jacobs said, "but losing an inch in height now is virtually unnoticeable unless you lay it side-by-side with an older paper."

The change took a lot of work behind the scenes in the months leading up to the start of the fall semester, but most readers will likely be unaware that the DP has changed, Jacobs said, "unless they notice the subtly nicer feel of the paper and the sharper look of our photos and color ads." 

"It's a huge win for the DP to be able to achieve such a large cost savings with no adverse impact on either our readers or our staff," Jacobs said. "We've made many painful cuts in reducing the DP's budget by more than a third over the past three years, but this offered a great gain with no pain -- aside from the work to bring about the transition."

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Tuesday, July 31, 2012 12:00 AM

Alumni Briefs: new beginnings

July was a month of new beginnings for a number of DP alumni...

Marisa Katz Bellack '99, and her husband of nearly two years, Adam Bellack, welcomed their first child, Audrey Claire. Mom is The Washington Post’s Opinions Editor for Digital. She is a former DP Editorial Page Editor. Before joining The Washington Post in 2007, she wrote for The New Republic, National Journal, the Providence Journal, Newsday, Newsweek and USA Today.

Tali Yahalom '09 became engaged to Josh Leinwand. She is an Assistant Editor at Money Magazine. Yahalom was a News Editor at the DP.

Anthony Campisi '09 began a new job at the Bergen Record, covering the New Jersey statehouse. It's his third newspaper in less than a year, after leaving the Philadelphia Inquirer and a short stint at the Trentonian. Campisi was a Copy Editor and reporter at the DP. 

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Monday, July 30, 2012 12:00 AM

Garrett Young in Africa: leading a fight for better health

Of all the Daily Pennsylvanian alumni scattered across the world, Garrett Young '06 has a singular distinction.

He's one of the few veterans of 4015 Walnut Street living in Africa, and the only one in Swaziland, where he leads a five-member team from the Clinton Health Access Initiative working to improve the health and lives of people in the tiny, land-locked kingdom.

It's a life Young never envisioned when he was a senior at Penn and had "not a clue" about what he would do after graduation. 

Young, 28, grew up in Concord, N.H., majored in History at Penn and served on two DP boards -- as City Editor in 2004 and Managing Editor in 2005.

"I considered journalism, but had a sense (rightly or wrongly), that the only way to pursue it was in a small town somewhere," Young said in a Gchat from Swaziland. "I knew nothing formal about business at all, and so I thought that doing something in the business world would be useful."

"I had a sense I wanted to be DC, but I didn't want it to be political," he added. "I thought that a management consulting-type job would give me the skills to approach problems in a useful way that was different from the way that I had otherwise learned to think."

Young landed a position in Washington with the Corporate Executive Board, a consulting firm. He found his work there interesting and challenging -- and a true learning experience -- but after four years, he yearned for something different.

"I got to the point where I realized I didn't feel like spending all my time helping large companies, but I enjoyed problem-solving and the logic required for that kind of work," he says.

Friday, July 13, 2012 12:00 AM

Presidential grand farewell for Ken Baer

If you work for the President of the United States and decide to leave your job, you can't ask for a better send-off on your last day than Ken Baer '94 received on July 12.

Baer has been Senior Advisor and Associate Director for Communications and Strategic Planning at the Office of Management and Budget since the start of the Obama administration.

Baer's wife and two children were invited to the Oval Office for a farewell from President Obama. A picture of the president blowing a kiss to Baer's son, Oren, with his wife Caren and daughter Avital watching, was the official White House Picture of the Day.

Thursday, July 12, 2012 12:00 AM

Chris George trades desert heat for DC Humidity

After living in the desert for almost six years, Chris George '05 is coming to the nation's capital.

George, a former DP executive editor and design editor, was recently hired as a News Designer at The Washington Post, after working at The Arizona Republic since 2006.

"By getting to jump in and design the front page so soon, I'll work with some of the paper's biggest stories, the kind of work I'm most passionate about: hard news and in-depth journalism," George said in an email. "I'm excited to be working for a news organization that has so much influence, that can draw so many talented people to work for it, and that devotes its resources to producing premium content. And it's fun to be in Washington, especially during a presidential-election year."

His day-to-day work is focused on print pages for the A section of the newspaper, including the opportunity to design the Post's front page two or three times per week.

While George is excited about the move to Washington, DC, he said it was a tough decision to leave The Arizona Republic.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012 12:00 AM

Randall Lane orchestrates Warren Buffett/Bon Jovi duet

Randall Lane '90, editor of Forbes Magazine, has spent the past several months pulling together a conference of more than 100 of America’s greatest entrepreneurs for the Forbes 400 Summit on Philanthropy, a private discussion of ways to help solve the world’s most intractable problems. The magazine will detail results of the historic meeting, which took place Tuesday in New York, this fall.

But Lane couldn't delay publishing on the forbes.com website a once-in-a-lifetime moment from the end of the conference -- "mostly because of a plethora of camera phones," he quipped -- a duet between Warren Buffett, playing ukulele, and Jon Bon Jovi, on accoustic guitar.

Both philanthropists spoke at the conference, and Bon Jovi co-hosted the closing reception. "Knowing that Buffet played the ukulele," Lane wrote, "I asked him to join Bon Jovi for a song and he accepted, with one caveat: that they play 'The Glory of Love'. Buffett learned the ukulele 60 years ago, he told me, as a way to court girls." Upon finding that the Bette Midler song was one of only a few Buffett knew by heart, "having Jon learn the lyrics to that seemed a lot easier than having Warren bone up on the chords for 'Livin’ on a Prayer' or 'Wanted Dead or Alive.'"

Read Lane's full post, and watch the video of what he terms "the wealthiest supergroup of all-time" here.

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Wednesday, June 27, 2012 12:00 AM

DP Alumni summer get-togethers underway

The first-ever summer of coast-to-coast DP Alumni get-togethers across the country is now well underway, with gatherings having taken place in four cities during the last two weeks of June. The events aim to bring together alumni from different generations, as well as current DP staff members doing internships, in each city. While the turnout in some cities has been on the small side, "it's a start," says DPAA President David Burruck, "and hopefully something we can build on in future years."

The first two get-togethers took place on June 20 in Boston and San Francisco. Los Angeles followed the next day, and Washington, DC closed out the events for the month on June 26. Two additional cities will hold get-togethers in the weeks ahead: Philadelphia on July 18 and New York on July 24.

Here are brief reports from the events which have taken place:

Tuesday, June 26, 2012 12:00 AM
Alumni Feature

Sara Levine: from 34th Street to the Food Network

The description on Sara Levine's '06 tumblr page says it all: "Editor. Writer. Blogger. Cook. Passionate about all things food."

She's been combining her love of food and writing ever since she was a child growing up in Chevy Chase, Md. 

She remembers taking vacations with her "food-loving family," when the entire itinerary would be based on what, and where, they would eat -- and she would detail each trip in her personal journal. 

"Looking back on those journals, they are hilarious," she says. "All I wrote about were the meals."

At Penn, Levine combined her two loves as the food section editor of 34th Street Magazine. And she is doing it today, as a blogger and editor at Foodnetwork.com with a special pedigree -- an associate's degree from Le Cordon Bleu North American Culinary School.

"The best part about my job? Writing about food," she says.

Levine is second generation DP. Her dad, Lee Levine '76, served on two DP boards, as DP managing editor and 34th Street editor. "I remember wearing DP tee shirts as a kid -- it was always a part of my life," she says.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012 12:00 AM

Jeffrey Goldberg watches Chris Christie watching Springsteen

Many DP alums have attended a concert on Bruce Springsteen's latest worldwide tour, but one DP alum got to see "The Boss" with a notable guest.

Jeffrey Goldberg '87 attended Springsteen's concert in Newark, NJ as a guest of New Jersey Governor Chris Christie. Goldberg chronicled the evening in the July/August issue of The Atlantic, where he is a national correspondent.

In the piece, Goldberg, a former DP Executive Editor, details the level of Christie's intense Springsteen fandom.

"This concert is the 129th the governor has attended. His four children all went to Springsteen shows in utero. He knows every word to every Springsteen song. He dreams of playing drums in the E Street Band," he writes.

However, Goldberg describes the tension between the Republican politician and the Democratic singer.

"Just because we disagree doesn't mean I don't get him,” Christie tells Goldberg. "I get what he's trying to express and advocate for, I just don't agree that those are the most-effective policies for our government."

To read the full piece, click here.

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Friday, June 01, 2012 12:00 AM

Howard Gensler: on the Big Screen at last

Howard Gensler '83 has had a near life-long desire to write for the movies. Today, his 40+ year quest comes to fruition, in the form of the movie "Hysteria", which opens across the US. (The film actually debuted at the Toronto Film Festival last fall, and has played in other countries, but June 1 is the major US roll-out.) The movie, starring Maggie Gyllenhaal, Hugh Dancy, Rupert Everett, Felicity Jones and Jonathan Pryce, is based on an original story written by Gensler about the invention of the first vibrator in the name of medical science Victorian England.

Gensler is a long-time Entertainment Editor and gossip column writer at the Philadelphia Daily News. At the DP in the early 1980s, he was 34th Street Editor and then DP Editorial Chairman.

In a story Gensler wrote for the Daily News, he describes the long, twisted path from conception to the big screen, which stretched out for more than a decade. "I wrote a brief outline of the story and a lengthier 15-page version. The goal was a romantic comedy that mixed Merchant-Ivory "Remains of the Day" repression with Mel Brooks," Gensler wrote. "People loved the idea. And then nothing happened. For years."

Although the eventual screenplay was written by others, and Gensler was a mere bystander during a week of filming in London two years ago, he did get to attend the red carpet premier in Toronto last September and watch the finished film in front of a live audience with the movie's stars and director.

Although he has worked at many film festivals and interviewed countless stars and directors, Gensler wrote that "for the first time, I understood why filmmakers have that euphoric, glazed look when they debut their movies. The odds of making it from conception to reception are so slim it’s like running a marathon in a potato sack."

Read the rest of his amusing first-person account in the Philadelphia Daily News.

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Wednesday, May 23, 2012 12:00 AM

Alumni Day 2012

Dozens of DP alumni spanning many generations visited the DP offices during the paper's annual Alumni Day open house in May.

The first person in the door was a member of the 50th reunion class, and one of the DP's most celebrated alumni: Nobel-prize winner Dr. Michael Brown '62. Brown recalled his involvement in one of the seminal moments in DP history, when the DP broke from being controlled by the men's student government. The paper's first-ever joke issue in 1962 dealt with the men's student government resisting the DP's desire to allow women to work for the paper, and called for the abolition of the student government. That lead the University to suspend publication of the DP, until a national uproar caused the University to reverse course. In the aftermath, Brown, who had been Features Editor, replaced ousted DP Editor-in-Chief Melvin Goldstein for the few weeks before a new Board took the helm.

From Brown to members of the graduating 2012 class, alumni visited with each other, with members of the DP's professional staff, and looked for changes -- or absence thereof -- in the DP offices.

Among the mini-reunions of DP alumni in the office: Randi Marshall '97 (left) and Evelyn Hockstein '97. Marshall, a former DP Assistant Managing Editor, is currently a reporter at Newsday in Long Island, NY. Hockstein, a former DP Photo Editor, is a Washington, DC-based photojournalist who has lived for long periods in Africa and Israel working for The New York Times, Time, Newsweek, and many other publications.

Another nice aspect of the Alumni Day open houses is when editors from different class years have a chance to meet, sometimes for the first time. Pictured at the top are three former DP Executive Editors: Juliette Mullin '10, Jeff Greenwald '07, and Lauren Plotnick '12. Mullin is a staff writer at The Advisory Board, a Washington, DC-based consulting company. Greenwald is a financial analyst at Capital One in Richmond, VA. Recent grad Plotnick will begin work for a Washington, DC consulting company later this summer.

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Tuesday, May 22, 2012 12:00 AM
Alumni Feature

Zach Levine on the road

Former DP Sports Editor Zachary Levine '07 is getting a taste of what it's like living out of a suitcase. "I think I am in hotel rooms 120 nights a year," he says.

Levine is getting to see America -- or more precisely, America's baseball stadiums -- as the lead Houston Chronicle reporter covering the Astros.

"It's an exhausting job but at the same time it's a rewarding job," he says.

Levine, 27, first worked for the Chronicle as a summer intern after his sophomore year at Penn. He was assigned to the Chronicle's website, working for the sports department.

The Chronicle, like most newspapers, had little sports content online beyond the stories that were in the Chronicle's print edition. That changed by the time the Chronicle hired Levine in 2007 after his graduation. He was a website producer, a job that allowed him to do a bit of everything, from posting breaking news to editing the sports blogs.

Eventually, Levine got a blog of his own. "I was a math major, so they gave me a blog where I could write about statistics … supplementing the coverage by the beat writers to use statistics to take an analytical look at things."     

Because statistics are such an integral part of baseball, Levine found himself writing more about baseball than any other sport. His editors began sending him to the ballpark to write stories for the print edition, and last year, he was named the Astros beat reporter.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012 12:00 AM

Popova named to 'Most Creative' list

DP alum and influential blogger Maria Popova '07 was recently named by Fast Company as one of "The 100 Most Creative People in Business 2012."

Clocking in at No. 51, Popova, a former DP advertising representative and assistant advertising manager, was recognized for her influential blog, BrainPickings.org. Fast Company wrote: "Maria Popova is a self-proclaimed 'curator of interestingness.' Her blog and Twitter feed is read by the Who's Who of the media, marketing, and ad worlds."

The top spot on the list this year went to Ma Jun, Director of the Institute of Public and Environmental Affairs. Jun was followed by Facebook's Head of Consumer Marketing, Rebecca Van Dyck, and Adam Brotman, Chief Digital Officer at Starbucks.

Click here to see the full list. For a profile of Popova, click here. For the latest blurb on the DPAA website about Popova, click here

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Tuesday, May 22, 2012 12:00 AM
From the President

DPAA summer get-togethers in 7 cities coast to coast

Want an excuse to meet up with your old friends from the DP? Looking to network with other DP alums in your city? Well, the DPAA has organized a way to do both!

The Daily Pennsylvanian Alumni Association will be hosting a series of summer get-togethers this summer in seven cities across the country. These will be informal, after-work happy hours where all alums, as well as current DP staffers, are encouraged to gather, network and maybe even have an adult beverage or two.

Events are currently scheduled in seven cities across the country: Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, New York, Philadelphia, San Francisco and Washington, DC. If you are interested in hosting an event in a city that is not listed here, please contact me.

For details on the time and location of each get-together, click on your city below, or view the list on our Upcoming Events page (under the "About Us" menu above). On the event detail page, you'll also find the name and email address for the DP alum in your city who is coordinating the event, if you have questions, or want to volunteer to help in any way. (And let me extend special thanks to all the DP alums who helped schedule these events!)

Please take a minute to click the link to RSVP if you are planning to come, or even considering coming, to any of the events. Although there is no formal registration required, it helps a great deal to get an idea how many people may be planning to attend. Equally important:reach out to any fellow DP alumni you know nearby, and encourage them to join you at the get-together. The more, the merrier.

We look forward to having lots of alums gather for what we hope will become an annual DPAA tradition.

-- David Burrick '06

Boston: Wednesday, June 20

Chicago: Thursday, August 2 [canceled]

Los Angeles: Thursday, June 21

New York: Tuesday, July 24

Philadelphia: Wednesday, July 18

San Francisco: Wednesday, June 20

Washington, DC: Tuesday, June 26

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Tuesday, May 15, 2012 12:00 AM

DP debuts new mobile app

The DP launched its newest product, a mobile app for Apple and Android phones, at the end of September. A version optimized for the iPad will follow before the end of October. More than 1,700 people have downloaded the app in its first two months.

The decision to move into the mobile space was an easy one for the DP -- almost every student now sports a smartphone and checks it many times throughout the day -- but finding the right mix of features for the DP App posed a challenge.

The simply-named "DP App" pulls together content from across all the DP's publications: the flagship daily newspaper, 34th Street Magazine, the popular campus life blog Under The Button, The Buzz sports blog, and The Red and the Blue politics blog. Editorial content on the app updates in real-time, so when new content is posted to a blog or a new news story hits the DP website, it shows up in the app at the same time. A key feature of the app is its "offers" section, where local businesses advertise short-lived discounts and specials which change throughout the day. Taking advantage of the mobile medium, these "DP Deals" are location-sensitive, showing users the deals closest to their current location.

DP General Manager Eric Jacobs recently talked about the DP's decision to launch a mobile app and some of the strategies behind a major new platform for the organization.

"We actually had an earlier iPhone app back in 2010. It was a very simple news reader, created for just a few bucks, but we never promoted it much and it never gained a large number of users," Jacobs said. "In late 2010 and throughout spring and summer 2011, our strategy instead focused on developing a major revamp of our main website, theDP.com. One of the key technology changes brought in when the site debuted last fall was that it was mobile-optimized -- meaning that it detected when readers were using phone or tablet, and automatically presented them with a simplified layout designed for easy reading on the small screens of those devices."

"For just presenting DP editorial content, the website did a good job, and everything that our first-generation mobile app did -- but better," Jacobs said. "Everyone at the DP agreed we didn't need a mobile app, and we wouldn't do a new mobile app, until we could bring more functionality to users, and until we figured out a better way to generate money from a new platform."

Tuesday, May 15, 2012 12:00 AM
From the President

Support the DP & DPAA with a 2013 membership contribution

As we near the end of 2012, the Daily Pennsylvanian Alumni Association (DPAA) has launched our annual membership drive, and I'm hoping I can count on you for your support.

And we're doing several things differently regarding memberships starting this fall. In the past, we required DP alumni to pay annual "dues" to receive all the benefits of membership -- particularly access to the DP Alumni Directory, which we moved online last year. The DPAA Board of Directors has decided that all DP alumni, whether they donate or not, will now have full access to the entire DPAA website, including the Alumni Directory. All you have to do is log into this website. (Instructions for doing so are on the site.) And all DP alumni will receive an Annual Report in the mail before the end of each year.

In eliminating the pay-for-services dues model, we are now simply calling on all DP alumni to make an annual membership contribution to support the DPAA and The Daily Pennsylvanian. While our basic membership remains $35 per year, I encourage you to make the most generous gift that you can. You can click here to make your contribution now, or read on and let me highlight how DPAA membership donations will be allocated:

Tuesday, May 15, 2012 12:00 AM

Bissinger tours to promote personal book

For DP alumni who didn't catch him on the Today Show Tuesday, there will be many opportunities to see Buzz Bissinger '76 in person the next few weeks, as he tours the country to promote his just-released new book, Father's Day: A Journey into the Mind & Heart of My Extraordinary Son.

The book, his very personal story about his relationship with his 28 year-old mentally retarded son, has debuted to excellent reviews. Entertainment Weekly gave the book an "A" rating, calling it "gorgeous and brutally honest." The Houston Chronicle review calls it "a really good book, no matter what its genre" which "delivers a level of humanity that is both breathtaking and elemental. Buzz Bissinger has delivered such a work, an honest, sometimes brutal, look at his life as the father of a savant."

Bissinger, a former DP Sports Editor and Editorial Page Chairman, was featured in this past weekend's Philadelphia Inquirer. Written by DP fellow DP alumna Amy S. Rosenberg '84, the piece paints a picture of the author:

Tuesday, May 15, 2012 12:00 AM

Scottoline featured in NY Times

Lisa Scottoline '76, the best-selling author and former DP Photo Editor, was featured in last weekend's New York Times in an article about how e-books have changed the lives of professional writers.

In the piece, Scottoline explained how new trends in digital publishing have caused her to increase her yearly outputs of thrillers from one book a year to two.

“It used to be that once a year was a big deal,” she said. “You could saturate the market. But today the culture is a great big hungry maw, and you have to feed it.”

Scottoline has written over a dozen best-sellers, including Final Appeal, which one the 1995 Edgar Award for "Best Paperback Original Mystery." She also writes a column called "Chick Wit" for the Philadelphia Inquirer.

Click here to read the entire piece from the Times.

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Tuesday, May 15, 2012 12:00 AM

Heald writing new TV comedy

TBS has unveiled its annual TV development slate and this year, there's a new show penned and produced by DP alum Josh Heald '00.

The show is called "Most Likely" and is executive produced by TV personality Conan O'Brien. TBS described the show as follows:
"It has been ten years since high school, and the former 'most likely to succeed' star student returns to his hometown after losing his job. He winds up working for the former (and still) 'most popular' jock in this mismatched buddy comedy penned by Josh Heald."

Heald, a former 34th Street Editor-in-Chief and Culture Editor, wrote the story and screenplay of the 2010 feature film "Hot Tub Time Machine" and wrote 2011's "Mardi Gras: Spring Break." (In the picture at left, Heald is seen accepting an award for "Hot Tub Time Machine" at the 2011 Comedy Awards in New York.)

Click here to read about the announcement of the show.

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Tuesday, May 15, 2012 12:00 AM

A team full of Ken Rosenthals?

It's not every day when an entire team of professional athletes dresses up to look like you. But that's exactly happened this week, when Major League Baseball's Tampa Bay Rays dressed up to look like DP alum Ken Rosenthal '84.

This past Thursday, when the Rays traveled to Boston for a series against the Red Sox, the entire team dressed as nerds, donning suspenders, glasses and bow ties. The bow ties were a tribute to Rosenthal, a sideline reporter for Major League Baseball broadcasts on Fox. Rosenthal sports a bow tie on each broadcast for the charity bowtiecause.org.

"I am totally cool with all of this," Rosenthal, a former DP sports editor, told the Tampa Bay Times. "I'm really flattered. Honored is not too strong a word."

The Rays will make a donation of $3,000 to various charities as a result of the stunt.

Click here to see pictures of the team dressing like Rosenthal.

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Tuesday, May 15, 2012 12:00 AM

Charles Ornstein interviewed on public radio

For the past two years, Pulitzer Prize-winning DP alum Charles Ornstein '96 has been investigating the influence of pharmaceutical companies on medicine, as part of investigative news non-profit ProPublica.

Ornstein's reporting, along with colleague Tracy Weber, has revealed close ties between medical societies and drug manufacturers and has led to changes in conflict-of-interest policies at universities and medical institutions.

Oregon Public Broadcasting recently sat down with Ornstein, a former DP Executive Editor and Assistant Managing Editor, to talk about his reporting.

When asked what he is currently investigating, Ornstein told OPB, "We are curious about doctors’ prescribing practices and whether patients have concerns about drugs that were prescribed to them by their doctors. Were the drugs you were prescribed appropriate, both therapeutically and financially?"

To read the entire interview, click here.

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Tuesday, May 15, 2012 12:00 AM

Bissinger book to the silver screen

Buzz Bissinger '76 is no stranger to having his works turn into feature films.

In 2003, his article in Vanity Fair about former DP editor Steven Glass '94 was turned into the movie "Shattered Glass". The following year, his book about a Texas high school football team, Friday Night Lights, was adapted into a film with the same name (and later a television series).

Now another book by Bissinger, Three Nights in August, is being turned in to a film with the shortened name of "Three Nights". The film, which will loosely follow a three-game series in 2003 between the St. Louis Cardinals and the Chicago Cubs, will also be written by Bissinger. It will star Billy Bob Thornton and Edward Burns.

Producer John Loar recently told Variety that he was inspired to make the movie after the success of "Moneyball" last year.

"Ours isn't really about the front office, but it's very helpful to us that a baseball movie did so well," he said.

For more on the film, click here.

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