How to use the DPAA Website

How to Log In

If your email address hasn't changed recently and we have it on file, you can get your login information by selecting Login at the top right, or under the Member Center menu. Click the link "Forgot your password?", follow the prompt to enter your email address, and the system will send you an email with your initial login name and password. When you login, you can go to My Profile under the Member Center menu and change your login name and/or password to something you will remember.

If your email address is not on file, just send us a quick email with your name and class year, and we'll email you back your login credentials.

Members-Only Services

Once logged in, you will have access to "My Profile" under the Member Center menu. Please take a moment to review your profile details. Click the Edit Profile link on that page to make updates or fill in missing information. Also under the Member Center menu, you'll also have access to search the DP Alumni directory and browse and post to the discussion boards.

Accessing the DP Alumni Directory

Once you're logged in, you'll be able to search our directory of more than 3,000 DP alumni. Under the Member Center menu, you'll see choices for Alumni Directory-Simple Search and Alumni Directory-Advanced Search. If you want to look someone up by name, the Simple Search is probably easiest. Please note that on the Simple Search page, if you type someone's first and last names, you should click the option for "Find results with ALL of these words". (If you type a name like "Bob Smith" and leave the search set to find results with ANY of these words, you'll find everyone in the database named "Bob" and everyone named "Smith", instead of just finding "Bob Smith."

Advanced Search ScreenshotThe Advanced Search lets you dig in and search based on just about anything in the database. Under Criteria, there is a dropdown list with many things you can search for. Aside from name, class year is probably the most common search. Just select "Penn Class Year" "Equal" whatever year you want.

Perhaps you want to  look for people who had a specific position at the DP. Select "DP Positions and Years" "Contains" "Managing Editor", or whatever position you're looking to match.

Perhaps you want to find people who work in a specific field. Select "Occupation" (it's way down the list) "Equal" and the field you're looking to match. Or if you want to see if any DP alumni work at a specific company, select "Business Name" "Contains" and the name of the company.

Best of all, you can combine multiple criteria by clicking the Add Criteria button. So if you do a search which returns too many people, go back and repeat the search with additional criteria to narrow your results. If you have trouble finding something you want, just send us a note and we'll try to help.

Member Forums

We hope this will be a lively site where alumni will exchange information and chat with each other -- and the place to do that is in the Forums. (Find the Forums under the Member Center Menu.) We've created several forums regarding jobs -- internships you may know about which might be of interest to current DP students or recent graduates, as well as jobs wanted and job openings for any DP alum. DPAA members have asked us over the years if there's a way to reach out to the alumni base when looking for new jobs or when looking to fill vacancies, and this gives us a way to do so.

Additionally, there's a "DPAA Member Talk" forum for bringing up any topic with fellow DP alumni. Post a question, a comment, and idea, whatever. (We can also create additional forums if there is interest in a specific subject; email us if you have an idea for a separate discussion forum.)

The Member 'Community'

The website platform we are using has a number of community features built in. Think of it as something of a "Facebook-Lite" -- but restricted only to your fellow DPAA members. When you go to My Profile under the Member Center menu, you'll see lots of additional links you can explore. Write a message on your "wall" or someone else's. Upload a picture of yourself as your profile picture. You can create "Circles" of friends -- like alumni who served on the same Board as you -- to make it easy to have discussions among a group of people. We won't try to list all the features here, as they are hopefully easy enough to explore and try out. As with everything else on this site, feel free to drop us a note with questions or with ideas about how we could make these Community features better.

We value your feedback

Questions about the site? Problems using it? Suggestions for additional content? Please write us!

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