DPAA issues 2012 annual report

The DPAA Board of Directors in December published a first ever annual report on the activities of the Alumni Association. The report was sent via postal mail to all DP alumni who have mailing addresses on file with the DP; a PDF version of the report is available by clicking here.

Over the past 18 months, the DPAA has increased the frequency of online communications with alumni -- via this website, emailed newsletters, and the DPAA Facebook page. The Board felt it was important not to lose touch with alumni who may not regularly follow the DPAA online, as well as to have a place each year to recognize and thank the alumni who have contributed to the DP and DPAA.

Any DP alum who did not receive the mailing should email the DPAA with your current address, or log into this website, following the directions on the home page, to update your own information. Feedback on the annual report, including suggestions for future annual reports, is welcome -- just email [email protected].

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