Shopping at ‘the DP Store’??

Yup, we've got an app for that. Actually, we've got several.

Our newest addition is the DP Alumni Bookstore: an online bookstore, hosted at, featuring the published works of DP alumni. It should come as no surprise to any DP alum that our DP alumni brethren are a diverse and talented bunch, and have published hundreds of books*. It's organized by decade, and alphabetically within decade, so you can find alumni authors you know or from your era at Penn -- or just go for a browse.

DP Alumni BookstoreBetter still, if you order anything in the DP Alumni Bookstore -- or anywhere else in Amazon immediately after visiting our micro-site -- your purchases at Amazon provide some financial support back to the DP. (Replace the Amazon link in your browser favorites with this one to support the DP, or just click here to visit Amazon and provide support to the DP.) 

Click here to visit the DP Alumni Bookstore.

We have one important book that's not sold by Amazon: the "125 Years of the DP" book we published ourselves in 2009 during the celebration of the DP's 125th anniversary. If you don't have a copy of this book, we've made it easy to order one -- just click here.

DP Logo ShopAnd that's not all. Coming in the near future, we'll be opening an another micro-shopping site featuring DP-branded merchandise (t-shirts, coffee mugs, baseball caps, etc.) you can order. In fact, we can create custom designs for a particular Board year, to commemorate a special event or DP front page, or practically anything, and put it on a wide variety of clothing and useful objects. (A DP logo license plate holder? Yup, we can do that.) Take a second to tell us what merchandise you'd like to see in the store. And check back on this site for the announcement that the DP Logo Shop is open.

*P.S. If you are a published DP Alumni author, and your book(s) is/are not yet in the bookstore, we want to add you. Just shoot us a note with your name, year, and the title(s) of your books. (Note that the books must be currently available on to be included; we know that Amazon isn't the only place to buy a book anymore, but this service only exists because of the facility Amazon provides for hosting it.)

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