Tuesday, May 15, 2012 12:00 AM

Charles Ornstein interviewed on public radio

For the past two years, Pulitzer Prize-winning DP alum Charles Ornstein '96 has been investigating the influence of pharmaceutical companies on medicine, as part of investigative news non-profit ProPublica.

Ornstein's reporting, along with colleague Tracy Weber, has revealed close ties between medical societies and drug manufacturers and has led to changes in conflict-of-interest policies at universities and medical institutions.

Oregon Public Broadcasting recently sat down with Ornstein, a former DP Executive Editor and Assistant Managing Editor, to talk about his reporting.

When asked what he is currently investigating, Ornstein told OPB, "We are curious about doctors’ prescribing practices and whether patients have concerns about drugs that were prescribed to them by their doctors. Were the drugs you were prescribed appropriate, both therapeutically and financially?"

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