Tuesday, May 15, 2012 12:00 AM

New York, Philly wrap up summer DPAA get-togethers

The DPAA's first-ever summer of get-togethers in cities around the country came to a rousing conclusion with events in New York this week and Philadelphia last week, which followed get-togethers in Boston, San Francisco, Los Angeles and Washington D.C. last month.

Never a group to shy away from a drink or two, nearly 70 past and present Daily Pennsylvanian staff members gathered at Central Bar in New York City on Tuesday, July 24.

The get-together, organized by David Burrick '06 and Rod Kurtz '02, saw the largest turnout of DP alumni since the newspaper's 125th anniversary celebration in Philadelphia three years ago. With more DP alumni than any other city in the world, the turnout in New York exceeded expectations. The more than 70 attendees at the New York event spanned six decades, from the class of 1969 (Mark Lieberman) to recent 2012 graduates (Jennifer Scuteri, Unnati Dass, Jessica Goodman, Jared McDonald, Ali Kokot, Samantha Sharf) -- plus nine current DP editors and staff members and DP General Manager Eric Jacobs and Operations Director Katherine Ross.

"I remember attending one these happy hours as a summer intern in Washington over a decade ago, and it was so much fun connecting with such a wide range of alums," Kurtz said. "I'm thrilled we we able to bring these events back and introduce a whole new generation of DPers."

A week earlier, in Philadelphia, a smaller group of alumni met at Old City's National Mechanics on July 18 -- one of the hottest days of the year. "We were quite thankful the air conditioning was working," said organizer Kent Malmros '00.

"It seemed like everyone had a nice time visiting with fellow classmates and networking with alumni they didn't know," Jacobs said after the concluding get-together in New York. "A common parting salutation in both Philadelphia and New York was 'let's do this again!' And based on the enthusiasm for the events we held this summer, I'm sure we will."

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