Thursday, May 03, 2012 12:00 AM

Maria Popova: curator of the Internet, defender of books

Maria Popova '07 is well known for her blog Brain Pickings, where she curates the Web for interesting stories, art and ideas. 

Popova, who worked at the DP as an advertising representative and assistant advertising manager, recently sat down with Findings (another new media website which allows readers to post clips of what they're reading and discuss them) to talk about about the future of books and the written word.

Papova argues for the continued existence of books in this increasingly digital age. Although the Kindle app on her iPad is her "weapon of choice", she said tries to read one "old book" for every new one she reads on her digital tablet. "Books, with their inherent pace and timescale, invite -- force, one might say -- writers to step back from that haste and reflect more deeply on what is being written, research it more thoroughly, deliver it more eloquently, argue it with better-substantiated conviction. Though books have a long history of being proclaimed dead, I trust they will endure, in one form or another -- it's simply too important to preserve that mode of arguing ideas."

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