Thursday, July 12, 2012 12:00 AM

Chris George trades desert heat for DC Humidity

After living in the desert for almost six years, Chris George '05 is coming to the nation's capital.

George, a former DP executive editor and design editor, was recently hired as a News Designer at The Washington Post, after working at The Arizona Republic since 2006.

"By getting to jump in and design the front page so soon, I'll work with some of the paper's biggest stories, the kind of work I'm most passionate about: hard news and in-depth journalism," George said in an email. "I'm excited to be working for a news organization that has so much influence, that can draw so many talented people to work for it, and that devotes its resources to producing premium content. And it's fun to be in Washington, especially during a presidential-election year."

His day-to-day work is focused on print pages for the A section of the newspaper, including the opportunity to design the Post's front page two or three times per week.

While George is excited about the move to Washington, DC, he said it was a tough decision to leave The Arizona Republic.

"It was hard to leave Phoenix and The Arizona Republic because the area had started to feel like home and there was more I could have done (and wanted to do) in my position at the Republic, where I had been a designer for five years and a design manager for one," he said. "However, knowing that my wife would be completing her PhD at Arizona State this fall, it was a natural time to reconsider whether we would stay in Phoenix much longer." 

"So I started to look for opportunities, especially those closer to most of our family and friends back East. When I heard of a design opening at The Washington Post, I was really excited. During the interview process, I got a strong sense that I would fit in well at the Post, and they're giving me the chance to do what I love, which is to design news pages filled with hard-hitting, top-notch journalism."

One improvement in the move to Washington is that George and his wife now have air conditioning, something they famously went without while in Arizona.

"Yes, I do have AC, and I've used it a few nights already as I re-acclimate to the humidity," he said. "I'm optimistic that I can keep it to a minimum (i.e., a few nights each summer), but I haven't set any goals the way I did in Arizona in 2009. I look forward to wearing sweaters and jackets in the fall and spring. I'm afraid I'll freeze in the winter."

You can view some of George's front page design work at The Arizona Republic here.

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