Tuesday, May 15, 2012 12:00 AM

DP wins two 2012 Pacemaker awards

At the largest college media conference in the country on November 3 in Chicago, the DP was presented with two Pacemaker awards -- widely regarded as the most prestigious awards in college journalism -- for the print newspaper and the paper's website.

The Associated Collegiate Press annually recognizes excellence in college journalism by bestowing Pacemaker Awards to newspapers, magazines, websites, and yearbooks. The awards, which are informally considered the equivalent of the Pulitzer Prize for college newspapers, generally go to the five publications judged best in the country.

It was the first Pacemaker for the DP since back-to-back wins in 2007 and 2008. The DP has now received the Pacemaker Award a total of nine times since 1997, including four consecutive years from 2001-2004.

But the good news for the DP didn't end there. The DP's website, theDP.com, received its first-ever Pacemaker when the awards were announced in Chicago. The website has been a frequent finalist in recent years, but the site's complete overhaul and redesign in fall 2011 led to the website's first national Pacemaker award.

The four other daily newspaper winners were The Daily Northwestern,the Minnesota Daily, the Syracuse Daily Orange, and Penn State Daily Collegian. For newspaper websites at schools with greater than 20,000 students, the DP was one of six winners, along with The Daily Californian, The Michigan Daily, the Minnesota Daily, the Missouri Maneater, and the North Carolina Daily Tar Heel.

You can read about these and other awards on the DPAA website on the Awards page (under the "At the DP" menu above.)

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