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New David Cohen book: conservative politics, liberal ideas

New books from DP alumni authors seem to be pouring off the presses these days. Hitting the bookshelves on May 2: a new non-fiction work from David B. Cohen '81: Left-Hearted, Right-Minded: Why Conservative Policies Are The Best Way To Achieve Liberal Ideals.

Cohen, a Los Angeles attorney, is a self-professed former liberal who served in the Bush administration as Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Interior and as a member of President Bush’s Advisory Commission on Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders.At the DP, Cohen was a reporter and City Editor.

From the publisher: The book starts out as a political memoir with two protagonists: Liberal Dave, the person that the author was in his youth, and ConservaDave, the person the author ultimately became. Liberal Dave was a typical American kid -- if by 'typical' you mean a Jewish Samoan being raised by a single mother in an extended working class family. The author takes us on an amusing journey in which Liberal Dave, a staunch progressive with little tolerance for conservatives, eventually becomes a conservative himself -- without abandoning the concerns and ideals he held as a liberal. We get to listen in on debate between Liberal Dave and ConservaDave on a wide range of issues, including capitalism, Occupy Wall Street, Steve Jobs, taxing the rich, and much more. The book then moves into an issue-by-issue demonstration of its central thesis: that conservative policies are indeed the best way to achieve liberal ideals."

"I'm not trying to argue with liberals, who are well represented among my dear friends and family," Cohen says. "I'm trying to start a conversation. In the book, I try to support conservative policy positions using arguments that would have resonated with me when I was a liberal."

Cohen tells the DPAA that "the book talks a good deal about my time at the DP -- including when my good friend, Dom Manno, wished death on President Reagan. I hope our members, especially my contemporaries, will find my recollections accurate and entertaining."

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