Friday, April 20, 2012 12:00 AM

Dash leaves NYT for Treasury

Eric Dash '02 left the New York Times after 8 years to take a post in the U.S. Treasury Department in Washington. Dash (who is a member of the DPAA Board of Directors) covered the banking industry for the Times, during one of the most interesting and news-making times for the banking industry since the Great Depression. His new position at the Treasury is Senior Advisor for Policy and Communications.

Dash said he now works with the public affairs team to help drive the Treasury's ongoing efforts to provide fact-based, data-driven content on the Administration’s economic policies. "I've always been interested in public service and can't think of a more relevant and interesting job at such a critical time for our country. I'm still settling in, but I'm excited to be helping the public affairs and policy teams tackle some of the most pressing economic issues facing our country. I've always been interested in public service, and it's a real privilege to work with such a smart and dedicated group of people."

At the Times, Dash won a 2009 Gerald Loeb Award -- which honors journalists who make significant contributions to the understanding of business, finance and the economy -- for his coverage of Citibank and the roots of the financial crisis. In a career trajectory most college journalists can only dream about, Dash landed at the Times less than two years after graduating from Penn.

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