Wednesday, May 23, 2012 12:00 AM

Alumni Day 2012

Dozens of DP alumni spanning many generations visited the DP offices during the paper's annual Alumni Day open house in May.

The first person in the door was a member of the 50th reunion class, and one of the DP's most celebrated alumni: Nobel-prize winner Dr. Michael Brown '62. Brown recalled his involvement in one of the seminal moments in DP history, when the DP broke from being controlled by the men's student government. The paper's first-ever joke issue in 1962 dealt with the men's student government resisting the DP's desire to allow women to work for the paper, and called for the abolition of the student government. That lead the University to suspend publication of the DP, until a national uproar caused the University to reverse course. In the aftermath, Brown, who had been Features Editor, replaced ousted DP Editor-in-Chief Melvin Goldstein for the few weeks before a new Board took the helm.

From Brown to members of the graduating 2012 class, alumni visited with each other, with members of the DP's professional staff, and looked for changes -- or absence thereof -- in the DP offices.

Among the mini-reunions of DP alumni in the office: Randi Marshall '97 (left) and Evelyn Hockstein '97. Marshall, a former DP Assistant Managing Editor, is currently a reporter at Newsday in Long Island, NY. Hockstein, a former DP Photo Editor, is a Washington, DC-based photojournalist who has lived for long periods in Africa and Israel working for The New York Times, Time, Newsweek, and many other publications.

Another nice aspect of the Alumni Day open houses is when editors from different class years have a chance to meet, sometimes for the first time. Pictured at the top are three former DP Executive Editors: Juliette Mullin '10, Jeff Greenwald '07, and Lauren Plotnick '12. Mullin is a staff writer at The Advisory Board, a Washington, DC-based consulting company. Greenwald is a financial analyst at Capital One in Richmond, VA. Recent grad Plotnick will begin work for a Washington, DC consulting company later this summer.

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